SoulGood is a pioneer women’s healthcare company, combining the best of nature and science.

SoulGood is a pioneer women’s healthcare company, combining the best of nature and science. With the concept of Orthomolecular Medicine, SoulGood produces a broad range of effective nutritional supplements that address all the nutritional demands of modern women from head to toes. We define beauty as being healthy and confident. We educate and empower women to achieve inner and outer beauty. A healthy outside starts from the inside. Hence we believe in treating the cause, not the symptoms and we transform your health from the inside out.

 There is no shortcut to health. Adjusting your lifestyle, having a balanced diet and nutritional intake are always the secrets towards health. SoulGood has been the healthcare professional’s trusted source since 2014. SoulGood uses natural, organic plant concentrates and highly purified vitamins and minerals to produce high-quality healthcare products for you! We allow you to live the best of your life, be the best of yourself and sustain the vitality as a graceful woman.


> To become a leader in premium nutrition and wellness through quality products.


> To help women to live the best of their life.

> To create a happy life based on the concept of wellness.

> To provide superior products to support the nutritional needs of women in every stage of life.

The Journey is the Rewards

Our History

Year 2014

• SoulGood was founded. •The 1st product, Woman’Up was initiated by Dr. Grace Tan. Later on, it was launched at Sans Wellness outlets, together with HiColla.

Year 2015

• Detoxin was launched.

Year 2018

• Energy+ was launched.

Year 2019

• Awarded by Consumer’s Recommend Award 2019.

Year 2020

• Awarded by Consumer’s Choice Award 2020. • Upgraded products with new formulas - Platinum Woman’Up, Platinum HiColla, Platinum Detoxin and Platinum Eternergy+. • Launch of the new products - Platinum ProFit and Platinum ProZyme+.

Dr. Tan San Chin, Grace



  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sans Therapeutics Berhad
  • Founder of Sans Wellness
  • Founder of Carelife International Foundation
  • Member of Worldwide Consumer Association, WCA
  • Founder of Auraqua
  • Founder of SoulGood
  • Founder of Genkilogy
  • Malaysia Golden Entrepreneur Award
  • Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award
  • JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award
  • PhD in Business Administration
  • Reiki Master

Dr. Go Kiam Seng



  • Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Sans Therapeutics Berhad
  • Founder of Everglow Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Founder of Happy Grains
  • Founder of SoulGood
  • Founder of Hope International Foundation
  • Deputy Speaker of National Consumer Action Association
  • Naturopathic Practitioner